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After building IT systems and departments at national and international startups, I recognized the same trend would repeatedly occur. I set out to build a series of guides to help navigate the many IT decisions a leader will make before hiring an IT team. Any vendor, service, or product that I endorse is purely the result of their ability to serve your business — I have no stake in any of them. If this article is helpful and you’d like to explore consulting engagements, please message me or visit my website — for more information.

The Way We Think

I would argue transitioning from a hands-on, technical role into a manager, director, or any strategic position will be most challenging task for those in technical fields (IT/Engineering/Product). While a good individual contributor (IC) will already possess cross-functional and interdepartmental soft skills, letting go of performing the work, respecting alternative approaches to a solution, and learning how to bring out the best in another human begins as an unnatural process. There are three obstacles any IC will need to overcome to be a successful manager. …


Dave Bour

Building IT infrastructure and teams where there was none before. Fitness, wellness, and adventure enthusiast. Consulting + more at

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